99 fact about donghae {from:twitter}

1.his western name is Aiden Lee
2.his name means "east sea" that's why he loves sea very much, and his nickname is fishy
3.during trainne period, leeteuk always accompany donghae to go to school
4.donghae really loves his father, we can see it on YYMM
5.when kibum first came to korea, donghae the 1st person to hug him
6.really close with eunhyuk
7.he left a message "ELF I LOVE U" in fancafe and sungmin called him and told him he typed LOVE as LVOE
8.He never takes that bracelet off his left wrist, his mother apparently gave it to him
9.he always stand near by hyukjae if they're in the same show
10.he love sport just like SHINee minho
11.He`s a NG king in their movie
12.He was put into a five member group with Lee Teuk before the debut of Super Junior
13.hae loves his father so much that he cries in one awards night and saying "this is for you, dad"
14.when he's child,he's so naughty boy. He like pressing the bell of his neightbour. Then he run away.
15.his special day is on 8oct, because it's the last day he saw his father
16.donghae is easily cry
17.When he was in primary school, he was the school's tallest student, nicknamed "Lee Tall Person"
18.his nickname : Fish,pinocchio,Hweh,wook’s Best Fan,Bada’s Dad,East Sea,Mokpo Uljjang (mostly from heechul)
19.donghae bought an iPhone about 2weeks ago
20.the song of 98degrees,my everything, he sing it for his father
21.he once promised his father that under any circumstances, he will not drink alcohol
22.not only w/ hyukjae but Dong Hae is also close friends with Yunho of DBSK
23.being a singer was his father's dream, when he was a boy he really want to be a soccer player
24.he ever changed kibum position for rapper's part on U at ss2
25.DH loves skinship! (according to sungmin in MTV UFO) he hugs people to wake them up.
26.donghae really good at magic tricks. he proved it couples of time in star king
27.he called Korean soccer player Park Jisung with 'Jisung Oppa'
28.he love puppies, he has a cute dog named bada, means "the sea"
29.grew up in Mokpo & went to Seoul when he was very young.He has been separated from his parents for 5years due to training
30.he is so naughty that he broke the laptop of one of SUJU's members
31.he dont like to be alone,then hyukjae always accompany him
32.Hae studying in MyongJi University.. Same as YunHo & Xiah from TVXQ
33.he wants his future wife to wake him up with a sweet kiss and made some sandwich
34.kyu said "he dances like he wants to destroy the stage" because hae always dance w/ too much power
35.other members said he stares like a beast while performing U
36.he has a good relationship with BoA. BoA is one of his best friend
37.he always cry if people talk about his father
38.he is afraid of ghosts so he sleeps with a nightlight
39. He sometimes tells nonsense stories to make people happy
40.He will always remember his hyung's birthdays
41.He doesn't manage a Cyworld often, but when it's a friend's birthday, he would post pictures and a message on his Cyworld
42.When his father was sick, he rushed over to see him
43.He loves to watch movies, especially foreign movies.He likes to try to speak engish
44.he likes it when other people call him prince
45.donghae likes girls who has beautiful forehead, so that when he see it, he feels like want to kiss it
46.his fav Quotation : OKAY WE CAN! and MUSIC WITH ME?
47. when he sits for too long, he’ll unknowingly use his arm to hug his right leg
48.If he has a girlfriend, he'll like to give her a tour around his hometown, Mokpo
49.Donghae is currently a student at Myongji University
50.When Donghae take a high school examination, Heechul got up early to cook eggs for him(breakfast)
51.ELFs love him so much and gave him a lot of gift for his birthday
52.he dont like to celebrate his birthday
53.his laugh sounds so funny and contagious
54.he likes writing poems
55.He gave his iPod to Minho, cause Minho wants it so much
56.he often caught with his mouth opens
57.he really kind to all of the member's parents, he really close to all the parents of the members
58.He likes to stick his tongue out!
59.Hae woke up wookie in midnite to cook for him cuz wookie said he’ll cook for hyungs anytime
60.donghae often leaves his bed unattended and organize it later
61.He hates to eat alone!
62.his favorite dongsaeng is ryeowook
63.donghae likes wearing hat
64.donghae likes wearing hat
65.Donghae even called his hyungs fathers as 'FATHER' since he lost one
66.he often forget to bring his wallet. EunTeuk said this on Sukira
67.first day when hae slept, hae is destroyed by kyu. because kyu lost in a game.
68.better known "mononymously" as Donghae
69.donghae has an elder brother called donghwa
70.He is one of the 4 lead dancers of boy band Suju
71.he would like to act in a romantic movie someday
72.When Kyu was in hospital, Donghae was the first one who asked about Kyu's condition
73.he talks to Eunyuk without using honorifics
74.he has the most funny accent when he talk among the member
75.Donghae made his acting debut in Suju's horror documentary Mystery 6, broadcasted in early 2006.
76.he is quite weak in health, often loses sleep at night
77. He is really afraid of Shindong's snoring, and his loud breathing while sleeping scares him too
78.Hae loves to speak English even though he's not fluent in English.
79.he hates pink so much, because of sungmin
80.he was kept on following up w/ kyu's condition when kyu was admitted to the hospital
81.Hae is also known as Korea's Justin Timberlake. He's a fan of Justin, too!
82. he also doesn't really like why yesung think he is cute dongsaeng
83.Donghae shared room with leeteuk at dorm
84.he thinks Hyukkie is handsome
85.Donghae really likes christmas and Song Hye Gyo
86.ONCE is his favourites movie
87.according to YYMM hae has a new nick name, it's ''fillial idol'' because he close with other member's parenst
88.donghae said that Ariel Lin has a beautiful forehead
89.on full house he gives nickname to anya, it was 'Nicholas cage'
90.he is very ticklish. I see it on EHB when he was tickled . He can only keep laughing
91.donghae gets jealous w/ eunteuk everytime he saw them together he suddenly stick along with them
92.born at his home. H-O-M-E, not hospital!
93.he was born on october,15,1986
94.he likes use sunglasses
95.he sang My Everything for his father
96.his couples : kyuhae, eunhae
97.elf called him "PrinceELFish"
98.on full house, he and heechul acted part scene of TITANIC
99. he played violin with song twinkle-twinkle little star when suju in china

PS: 1-93 dari twitter : welovesuju
94-99 : gue sendiri

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